How to transfer my domain to Pulse8

To transfer your domain name to Pulse8, it should first meet several criteria:

  • The domain name must be in "Active" status. Most domain name registrars by default set the status of the domain names to "Locked", so you need to unlock the domain name first from the control panel of the current registrar.
  • There must be more than 15 days until the expiration of the domain name. 
  • The domain name must have been initially registered more than 60 days ago
  • You must have the EPP code for the domain name. This is used during the transfer to authorise the operation and you can obtain it from the current domain name registrar.

The requirements are applicable to the gTLDs (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .info). Most of the ccTLDs (country code top level domains) have their own set of requirements. If you are looking to transfer a domain name, you can refer to this dedicated article.

If your domain name meets all of the above criteria, you can order the Domain Transfer service from your Client Login -> Domains tab -> Transfer Domains to Us. There type the domain name you wish to transfer along with the EPP Code

If your domain name passes all of the checks you will also be prompted to review and update the domain name owner details if necessary. Once the domain name transfer is completed, these details will be automatically applied to your domain name.

If the EPP key you provided was correct, then the transfer will immediately be initiated and you will be notified when it is completed.

If the EPP was incorrect, you will receive an email on the account's administrative email address that should be used to confirm the domain transfer. You have to follow the instructions. You may receive a second email from your current registrar asking you to confirm the transfer again.

Depending on the TLD of the domain name and its current registrar, the domain name transfer service could take up to 14 days to complete properly. Once the operation is complete, you will receive a welcome email from Pulse8 informing you of the successful transfer of the domain to us.

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